The most popular chevy car models

The Chevrolet brand recently celebrated 100 years of manufacturing cars and trucks that have had a loyal and enthusiastic following. With its huge success in the USA, the automaker realised its global potential and set up 18 manufacturing plants worldwide.

In 1924 Denmark became the first country to produce a Chevy on home soil followed by Brazil in 1925. Today, Brazil is second only to the USA in the number of units sold. Chevrolet’s popularity was replicated at all plants and has remained constant. However, some models reached iconic status with names that still inspire high praise and nostalgic admiration among motoring enthusiasts.

Collectable Class

Ask any collector which Chevy most honourably wore that famous bowtie badge and the answer will more often than not single out the 1932 Chevrolet Sport Roadster. Entering a market suffering under the Great Depression, its low $445 price tag helped to make it the year’s most popular car. Great styling, a 6-cylinder overhead-valve engine with an upgraded synchromesh transmission, and an interior that included a rear rumble seat proved too competitive for GM’s more expensive Cadillacs.

Advanced Pickup Lines

Chevy pickup’s enjoyed a new advanced design in 1948, which gave them roomier cabs and bench seats that accommodated 3. Its proven driveline remained basically the same and the half-ton pickups continued their popularity among farmers and blue collar workers. However, with Chevy’s previous record of reliability the newly styled 1948 pickup became more appealing as a second family car.

Superb SUV’s

Quality and affordability remain Chevy’s draw cards when it comes to SUV’s. The 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe has earned excellent reviews for its new design and V8 engine that offers powerful acceleration. The vehicle’s size does not affect its manoeuvrability, which is also assisted by precise steering. A roomy interior ensures passenger comfort, while an impressive range of driver assists make motoring a pleasure. These are only a few superior offerings from this iconic brand.