The Best Equipment for Car Dealers

Being in the business of selling cars can mean working with a lot of new and used vehicles. These need to be properly stored and displayed in a showroom so that customers can be enticed into making a purchase. Any dealership will require a variety of equipment for the work they do and the following are some of the best pieces to have available.

Car Mover

A successful dealer will likely be moving cars around their showroom and forecourt area regularly. Constantly switching on engines to move vehicles can create a lot of fumes and also wastes gas, so a better option is a car mover. One of the best on the market is a Stringo vehicle mover, with this powerful piece of equipment able to lift the front or back wheels of a stationary car then easily move it around. There are a few Stringo models available for dealers to find the perfect match for their operations. This enables any car selling business to invest in one for the benefits it offers of lower emissions in the workplace and safe movement of vehicles.

Car Lift

Storage space for cars is something that any dealer needs to consider and those looking to increase this should consider using auto lifts. Revolution Lift is a company that produces these, and they have 2-post and 4-post models available. A car can be parked on the lift when it is lowered and when it is then raised, a second car can be parked below. It is a simple way to increase storage space without having to extend an existing building and has the added advantage that it offers a simple way to inspect or work on the underside of a vehicle when this needs to be done.

Vehicle Wash Systems

Keeping vehicles in showroom condition is a must for any dealership and having the facilities on site to do this will make the job easier. PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems has a range of systems available for quickly and effectively washing and drying vehicles. This includes gantry wash, overhead wash, and vehicle wash systems to enable any dealer to find the style that suits them best. Having one available allows showroom and display models to be kept in pristine condition. It also enables customer’s cars that are in for servicing or repair work to be washed before they are returned.

Display Ramps

Showing off vehicles to best effect is the aim of any dealer and display ramps are a way to do this. They raise a car up from the ground so that customers can get a better view of it as they walk around, and companies that produce them include Landsport. The ramps can be used to more prominently display the best cars a dealership has available and make them stand out to attract the attention of customers.

Any auto dealership needs the right equipment to help keep their vehicles looking good and properly displayed. The products shown above are some to consider, with each one being useful for a dealer to have available to help with the daily work they do.