Putting Together a Successful Car Bingo Event

Online bingo has renewed the passion for the game and attracted a whole new demographic of players. The increased interest has led to variations of the game such as car or drive-in bingo. This game brings together car and bingo cards to create a fun and unique adventure for participants. If you are considering hosting a car bingo event, understand a few things first.

What Is It?

In drive-in bingo, players come in their vehicles and set up in an orderly fashion at a prearranged spot. People play the game using the same rules, but instead of saying ‘Bingo” when you have a winning combination, you hook the horn of your car. The announcer makes the calls over a loudspeaker. This form of bingo is an excellent way to socialise and people to show off their rides. In fact, you can have a special theme like a classic car show where players showcase their vehicle collections.

Know the Rules

Before setting up a car bingo event, be clear about the game’s rules. If you are to be a successful host, you must know how to run the game in a fair manner. Use resources such as Bingo Bonus Offers to learn more than just the basics of the game. Understand the difference between 30-ball, 75-ball and 80-ball bingo, among other variations. Know the lingo, tips for smart playing and the various bingo calls.

Choose a Location

Where will your car bingo event take place? It has to be large enough to accommodate all the players. Remember that vehicles are not the same size unless your event states that specifically. Ensure participants will have sufficient room to park. Factor in the noise from the honking and the announcer, and pick a location that won’t cause a nuisance to the public.

The idea of enjoying bingo without being confined is exciting and perfect for raising money or socialising. Hosting a drive-in bingo event is not difficult when you have the basics down pat.