New Chevy Car Models for 2015

Chevrolet – or Chevy as most call it – is one of America’s most iconic car manufacturers. The company has gone through a huge revamp over the last few years. To meet the demands of its customers and better compete against emerging and established players, Chevy has announced a number of new models for 2015, along with a significant revamp of its existing line.

2015 Chevy Volt

The Volt plug-in hybrid is a crucial model for Chevy as it tries to fend off competition from electric cars (with Tesla and Nissan Leaf leading the fray). The 2015 version will see a redesigned exterior and a smaller 1.0 litre engine in place of the current 1.4 litre motor.

2015 Chevy Spark

Globally, the Spark minicar has been one of Chevy’s best sellers. However, it didn’t arrive in the United States until 2012, where it was met with poor reception. Chevy is going to update the Spark for its American customers in 2015, equipping it with a more powerful 1.0 litre engine and a redesigned exterior to appeal to American audiences.

2015 Chevy Cruze

The Chevy Cruze has been a blockbuster hit for Chevy all over the globe, but the current design is getting a bit stale. Chevy is expected to offer a fresher design by the end of 2015. More important than the design, the 2015 Cruze will be the first Chevy car to utilise the company’s new D2XX platform, which promises better performance and lower weight.

New Chevy Trax

Chevy will introduce the Trax, a small crossover, to American audiences in early 2015. This model has been a surprise hit among customers in Asia and Latin America, and is expected to sell handsomely in America as well.

New Chevy Corvette Z06

Z06 is a racetrack-oriented version of Chevy’s iconic Corvette. It boasts a faster engine, more aerodynamic design and improved handling at high speeds. Expect it to be on sale in American markets by 2015.

Chevy is going through an extensive revamp of its current line-up as it tries to compete with rivals. The next few years should see a marked change in Chevy’s mode range.