Fun Things to Do on A Long Road Trip

Road trips have a lot of perks – you get to see beautiful views, visit new places, create unforgettable memories and build stronger bonds with friends or family. But the hours on the road can get a little dull. We’ve therefore put together a guide to help you stay occupied the next time you choose to go on a long road trip.

1. Read a Book

Reading is an excellent way to pass the time while travelling for long hours. Pick out a couple of best-selling books or some of your favourite books. Another option is to read up on where you are going. If you’re heading somewhere you’ve never been before, look for books on its geography, history or culture.

2. Make Pit Stops

Pit stops allow you and your passengers to stretch your legs, peruse stores and see awe-inspiring natural phenomena, geographical formations, and roadside attractions. Making several stops does not only keep boredom at bay, it makes your trip much more memorable.

3. Play Classic Road Trip Games

Road trip games are often fun and get your mind going. Some popular games worth trying out include:

I spy – in this game, one passenger describes something in or around the car and the other passengers guess what it is.
Licence plate words – this involves finding a licence plate with letters and thinking of abbreviations for the word. For example, if the licence plate is BD51 SMR, “SMR” can stand for “so many roads.”
Name that tune – turn the radio on and move the dial until you hear a song. See who can name the tune first then repeat this as much as you’d like. You can also have someone hum, whistle a song or sing a few lyrics and have other passengers identify the song. The passenger who guesses correctly gets to be the next performer

4. Play Online Games

Other fun things to do on a long road trip is to play online games. Some of the best road trip games to try out include poker, Heads Up! and road trip bingo.

5. Listen to Some of Your Favourite Tunes

The best thing you can do a long road trip is to listen to good music. Use programs like iTunes, Spotify or Pandora to stream an endless catalogue of hits. If you have an album you are yet to listen to, this is the best time to listen to it.

These are just some of the things you can on a long road trip. They will help fight off boredom and take your mind off the long miles.