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Putting Together a Successful Car Bingo Event

Online bingo has renewed the passion for the game and attracted a whole new demographic of players. The increased interest has led to variations of the game such as car or drive-in bingo. This game brings together car and bingo cards to create a fun and unique adventure for participants. If you are considering hosting a car bingo event, understand a few things first.

What Is It?

In drive-in bingo, players come in their vehicles and set up in an orderly fashion at a prearranged spot. People play the game using the same rules, but instead of saying ‘Bingo” when you have a winning combination, you hook the horn of your car. The announcer makes the calls over a loudspeaker. This form of bingo is an excellent way to socialise and people to show off their rides. In fact, you can have a special theme like a classic car show where players showcase their vehicle collections.

Know the Rules

Before setting up a car bingo event, be clear about the game’s rules. If you are to be a successful host, you must know how to run the game in a fair manner. Use resources such as Bingo Bonus Offers to learn more than just the basics of the game. Understand the difference between 30-ball, 75-ball and 80-ball bingo, among other variations. Know the lingo, tips for smart playing and the various bingo calls.

Choose a Location

Where will your car bingo event take place? It has to be large enough to accommodate all the players. Remember that vehicles are not the same size unless your event states that specifically. Ensure participants will have sufficient room to park. Factor in the noise from the honking and the announcer, and pick a location that won’t cause a nuisance to the public.

The idea of enjoying bingo without being confined is exciting and perfect for raising money or socialising. Hosting a drive-in bingo event is not difficult when you have the basics down pat.

Games to Play When Riding a Car

Whether you are taking a road trip, stuck in traffic, or have kids in the car, you need something to lessen the boredom that comes with long car rides. There are several traditional games to entertain everyone in the car together, and then, thanks to technology, there are other games that involve electronics. A key point to note is that playing games while riding is only for passengers; drivers must keep their eyes on the road at all times! Here are a few car-ride games to keep you occupied:

Fictional Families

Simply pick another vehicle on the road and have everyone take a look at its occupants. You should then all collaborate to give the other car’s passengers an imaginary backstory based on their appearance and the kind of vehicle they drive. You’ll be surprised at the funny backstories everyone can invent. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your imagination going.

Family’s Game Travel Pack Lite

If you are more into networked games that involve electronics, then you’ll definitely love the Family’s Game Travel Pack. This is an app that includes a wide selection of traditional games, including strategy games like chess, family classics like dominos, cards, solitaires, wooden games like air hockey, and dice games. Everyone can install the app to link up and play the games together. And, even if there’s no else to play with, there’s an offline option that allows you to play with the game’s AI.

20 Questions

One person thinks of something while the rest try to guess what it is in 20 questions. If someone gets it right before the 20th question, they win and get to start the next round. If no one guesses correctly, the person with the question wins and goes again. The questions are only yes or no questions.

Poker Tournaments Online

If you are into gambling, online casinos have made it possible for you to play anywhere, anytime. As stated on, playing online poker tournaments not only lessens long car-ride boredom, but also allows you to have fun, win big, and even take your poker skills to the next level.

Fun Things to Do on A Long Road Trip

Road trips have a lot of perks – you get to see beautiful views, visit new places, create unforgettable memories and build stronger bonds with friends or family. But the hours on the road can get a little dull. We’ve therefore put together a guide to help you stay occupied the next time you choose to go on a long road trip.

1. Read a Book

Reading is an excellent way to pass the time while travelling for long hours. Pick out a couple of best-selling books or some of your favourite books. Another option is to read up on where you are going. If you’re heading somewhere you’ve never been before, look for books on its geography, history or culture.

2. Make Pit Stops

Pit stops allow you and your passengers to stretch your legs, peruse stores and see awe-inspiring natural phenomena, geographical formations, and roadside attractions. Making several stops does not only keep boredom at bay, it makes your trip much more memorable.

3. Play Classic Road Trip Games

Road trip games are often fun and get your mind going. Some popular games worth trying out include:

I spy – in this game, one passenger describes something in or around the car and the other passengers guess what it is.
Licence plate words – this involves finding a licence plate with letters and thinking of abbreviations for the word. For example, if the licence plate is BD51 SMR, “SMR” can stand for “so many roads.”
Name that tune – turn the radio on and move the dial until you hear a song. See who can name the tune first then repeat this as much as you’d like. You can also have someone hum, whistle a song or sing a few lyrics and have other passengers identify the song. The passenger who guesses correctly gets to be the next performer

4. Play Online Games

Other fun things to do on a long road trip is to play online games. Some of the best road trip games to try out include poker, Heads Up! and road trip bingo.

5. Listen to Some of Your Favourite Tunes

The best thing you can do a long road trip is to listen to good music. Use programs like iTunes, Spotify or Pandora to stream an endless catalogue of hits. If you have an album you are yet to listen to, this is the best time to listen to it.

These are just some of the things you can on a long road trip. They will help fight off boredom and take your mind off the long miles.

New Chevy Car Models for 2015

Chevrolet – or Chevy as most call it – is one of America’s most iconic car manufacturers. The company has gone through a huge revamp over the last few years. To meet the demands of its customers and better compete against emerging and established players, Chevy has announced a number of new models for 2015, along with a significant revamp of its existing line.

2015 Chevy Volt

The Volt plug-in hybrid is a crucial model for Chevy as it tries to fend off competition from electric cars (with Tesla and Nissan Leaf leading the fray). The 2015 version will see a redesigned exterior and a smaller 1.0 litre engine in place of the current 1.4 litre motor.

2015 Chevy Spark

Globally, the Spark minicar has been one of Chevy’s best sellers. However, it didn’t arrive in the United States until 2012, where it was met with poor reception. Chevy is going to update the Spark for its American customers in 2015, equipping it with a more powerful 1.0 litre engine and a redesigned exterior to appeal to American audiences.

2015 Chevy Cruze

The Chevy Cruze has been a blockbuster hit for Chevy all over the globe, but the current design is getting a bit stale. Chevy is expected to offer a fresher design by the end of 2015. More important than the design, the 2015 Cruze will be the first Chevy car to utilise the company’s new D2XX platform, which promises better performance and lower weight.

New Chevy Trax

Chevy will introduce the Trax, a small crossover, to American audiences in early 2015. This model has been a surprise hit among customers in Asia and Latin America, and is expected to sell handsomely in America as well.

New Chevy Corvette Z06

Z06 is a racetrack-oriented version of Chevy’s iconic Corvette. It boasts a faster engine, more aerodynamic design and improved handling at high speeds. Expect it to be on sale in American markets by 2015.

Chevy is going through an extensive revamp of its current line-up as it tries to compete with rivals. The next few years should see a marked change in Chevy’s mode range.

The Five Biggest Used Car Businesses That Sell Used Chevy Cars

Chevy is an iconic American car brand that sells several million vehicles all across the globe. In 2013, it had revenues of $155Bn. Given the brand’s status and quality, no wonder used Chevy cars are in such high demand.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest used car businesses that sell Chevy cars:

1. Auto Nation

With annual revenues in excess of $15Bn – $3.2Bn of which came from used cars, Ford Lauderdale, Florida based Auto Nation is the largest auto dealership int he United States. The company sells everything from Acura to Land Rover, though American made cars such as Chevy and Ford make up the bulk of its sales.


2. CarMax

CarMax is the third largest auto dealership in the US by total revenue at $9.39Bn in annual sales. It gets much of this revenue figure from its used cars ($7.82Bn). CarMax has its HQ in Richmond, Virginia, and it continues to be a leadng used Chevy car dealer across United States.


3. Sonic Automotive Inc.

Charlotte, North Carolina based Sonic Automotive has a presence across North and South Carolina. It also has $8.5Bn in revenue – $2Bn of which comes from selling used cars, including brands like Chevy.


4. Van Tuyl Group

Earlier this year, Warren Buffet purchased the Phoenix based Van Tuyl Group, the six largest car dealership in United States by revenue ($6.9Bn per year). Van Tuyl has a presence throughout the American south and south-west and is one of the most prominent used Chevy retailers in the region.


5. Hendrick Automotive Group

Hendrick Automotive Group is another Charlotte, North Carolina auto major, selling $1.28Bn in used cars in its $6.1Bn in total revenues. If you’re in the market for a used Chevy in American south and south-east, look no further than a Hendrick dealership.


Besides these, hundreds of other used car businesses sell used Chevy cars as well. Make sure that you do your research before you go shopping for a used Chevy car.

Big Car Dealers Who Sell New Chevy Cars in the States

The Chevrolet has long been one of the most popular cars in the whole of the USA, and is instantly recognisable for its long body and bonnet. This vehicle is affectionately known as a Chevy and was launched by general motors. Finding a new Chevy in the USA is fairly simple, especially if you contact the following car dealers.

Hendrick Chevrolet Shawnee Mission

Not only is this one of the largest dealers in the state of Kansas, Hendrick Chevrolet Shawnee Mission also sells more new Chevys than any other car dealer in the entire state. The dealer is part of the Hendrick Automotive Group, which is one of the largest privately owned dealership groups in the USA and their inventory includes hundreds of brand new Chevys for customers to choose from.

Dave Smith

This is the leading dealer of new Chevys in the north-western region of the USA. Dave Smith sells more than two hundred new Chevys each and every month, both through the internet and at their base. This dealer prides itself on its excellent salesmanship combined with low prices that are hard to beat. One of the things that makes Dave Smith so popular among people who are looking for a new Chevy is that the dealer offers a wide range of different payment options, which are designed to make the process of choosing and driving away a brand new Chevy as simple and fun as possible.

Lone Star Chevrolet

Lone Star Chevrolet offers people in the state of Houston a large selection of new Chevys to choose from. The company’s greater Houston auto financing team provides excellent customer advice for people who are looking to purchase a new Chevy, while the dealer also features a Chevrolet car repair service centre that boasts a full inventory of authentic Chevrolet parts.

Best Chevy

As the name suggests, this dealer focuses exclusively on Chevys and can be found in Hingham, Massachusetts. The staff at Best Chevy is committed to providing exceptional customer care, while the dealer offers a number of easy financing options to choose from. Among the range of new Chevy models that Best Chevy offers are the ever popular Camaro, Corvette, Cruze, Equinox, Impala, Stingray, Express Commercial Cutaway, Tahoe and many, many more. Over the years Best Chevy has established itself as one of the premier car dealers in Massachusetts, and people driver from all over the state and beyond to explore the range of vehicles that are on offer at Best Chevy and take their favourite for a test drive.

The Best Equipment for Car Dealers

Being in the business of selling cars can mean working with a lot of new and used vehicles. These need to be properly stored and displayed in a showroom so that customers can be enticed into making a purchase. Any dealership will require a variety of equipment for the work they do and the following are some of the best pieces to have available.

Car Mover

A successful dealer will likely be moving cars around their showroom and forecourt area regularly. Constantly switching on engines to move vehicles can create a lot of fumes and also wastes gas, so a better option is a car mover. One of the best on the market is a Stringo vehicle mover, with this powerful piece of equipment able to lift the front or back wheels of a stationary car then easily move it around. There are a few Stringo models available for dealers to find the perfect match for their operations. This enables any car selling business to invest in one for the benefits it offers of lower emissions in the workplace and safe movement of vehicles.

Car Lift

Storage space for cars is something that any dealer needs to consider and those looking to increase this should consider using auto lifts. Revolution Lift is a company that produces these, and they have 2-post and 4-post models available. A car can be parked on the lift when it is lowered and when it is then raised, a second car can be parked below. It is a simple way to increase storage space without having to extend an existing building and has the added advantage that it offers a simple way to inspect or work on the underside of a vehicle when this needs to be done.

Vehicle Wash Systems

Keeping vehicles in showroom condition is a must for any dealership and having the facilities on site to do this will make the job easier. PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems has a range of systems available for quickly and effectively washing and drying vehicles. This includes gantry wash, overhead wash, and vehicle wash systems to enable any dealer to find the style that suits them best. Having one available allows showroom and display models to be kept in pristine condition. It also enables customer’s cars that are in for servicing or repair work to be washed before they are returned.

Display Ramps

Showing off vehicles to best effect is the aim of any dealer and display ramps are a way to do this. They raise a car up from the ground so that customers can get a better view of it as they walk around, and companies that produce them include Landsport. The ramps can be used to more prominently display the best cars a dealership has available and make them stand out to attract the attention of customers.

Any auto dealership needs the right equipment to help keep their vehicles looking good and properly displayed. The products shown above are some to consider, with each one being useful for a dealer to have available to help with the daily work they do.

The most popular chevy car models

The Chevrolet brand recently celebrated 100 years of manufacturing cars and trucks that have had a loyal and enthusiastic following. With its huge success in the USA, the automaker realised its global potential and set up 18 manufacturing plants worldwide.

In 1924 Denmark became the first country to produce a Chevy on home soil followed by Brazil in 1925. Today, Brazil is second only to the USA in the number of units sold. Chevrolet’s popularity was replicated at all plants and has remained constant. However, some models reached iconic status with names that still inspire high praise and nostalgic admiration among motoring enthusiasts.

Collectable Class

Ask any collector which Chevy most honourably wore that famous bowtie badge and the answer will more often than not single out the 1932 Chevrolet Sport Roadster. Entering a market suffering under the Great Depression, its low $445 price tag helped to make it the year’s most popular car. Great styling, a 6-cylinder overhead-valve engine with an upgraded synchromesh transmission, and an interior that included a rear rumble seat proved too competitive for GM’s more expensive Cadillacs.

Advanced Pickup Lines

Chevy pickup’s enjoyed a new advanced design in 1948, which gave them roomier cabs and bench seats that accommodated 3. Its proven driveline remained basically the same and the half-ton pickups continued their popularity among farmers and blue collar workers. However, with Chevy’s previous record of reliability the newly styled 1948 pickup became more appealing as a second family car.

Superb SUV’s

Quality and affordability remain Chevy’s draw cards when it comes to SUV’s. The 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe has earned excellent reviews for its new design and V8 engine that offers powerful acceleration. The vehicle’s size does not affect its manoeuvrability, which is also assisted by precise steering. A roomy interior ensures passenger comfort, while an impressive range of driver assists make motoring a pleasure. These are only a few superior offerings from this iconic brand.